Top 10 Games Like Skyrim

There are many games that usually take players to a journey that makes hard to forget. This is exactly what Skyrim has brought something fresh and amazing experience that am pretty no one will ever forget. When it comes to playing Top 10 Games like Skyrim, no game can come close to its massive world and how it has set the bar so high for new open world games to come.

But if you have been playing the latest entry in the series the elder scrolls V: Skyrim where you get opportunities to explore its vast world filled with awesome quests and enjoy the beauty of its open world and want to play similar games like this genre, then my friends you are at right place.

We have listed some top class best games like Skyrim that will provide you absolutely huge RPG open world to explore with same gameplay aspects and elements. Those players who are in search of playing games that in some way match the caliber of Skyrim here are Top 10 Games like Skyrim you should try as an alternative.

List of Top 10 Games like Skyrim:

1) Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

Witcher 3: the wild hunt is without a shadow of a doubt is one of the best and most perfect open worlds RPG games ever made. This is the only game in the list that can surpass Skyrim’s standards and even better. The game has won so many awards and also won the game of the year award back in 2015. The game is similar to Skyrim in various ways.

The hero can use magic spells and it gives you the freedom to go where you want and do plenty of side quests as well.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 1

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2) Middle earth: Shadow of war:

Middle Earth: Shadow of war is a sequel to the famous middle earth: Shadow of Mordor which is definitely a must try a game, in case you are looking to some Skyrim alternatives. The game is set in a fantasy world that takes players on an epic journey to fight with an army of monsters. like Skyrim players will have to use skills and strategies to fight against the dark evil lord Sauron.

The game offers you vat open world that is hard to leave and players will find a new and engaging story to enjoy.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 2

3) Dragon Age: Inquisition:

If you are the fan of the Dragon Age series then you must know that this third entry in the series is certainly the best in every way possible. it is played in third person perspective, opposite to the Skyrim’s traditional first-person perspective. Dragon Age: Inquisition is filled with rich lore and colorful open world packed with tons of side quests to keep you busy.

If you happen to love loot system in Skyrim, you may appreciate what Inquisition has to offer. Your journey will be hard to always consider possess new abilities and powers to destroy demons.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 3

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4) Dark Souls 3:

Dark Souls 3 one of those games that hardcore players will enjoy that want a real challenge. it is an action based RPG similar to Skyrim, you are equipped with swords, bows, and projectiles and also use the shield to defend and attack enemies, Dark Souls series has always known for its intense combat and bigger environments with huge colossal monsters to fight and defeat them.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 4

5) Kingdom comes Deliverance:

Kingdom comes: deliverance is also an open-world action RPG set in the early 15th century in the Bohemia kingdom. it is a game that you should try if you are searching for games like Skyrim. The game offers a revenge plot and you will find an immersive open world unlike you ever seen. Just try it and see how much it proves beneficial of your time.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 5

6) Bloodborne:

Bloodborne is also a perfect alternative that was released on PlayStation 4 exclusively. Just like dark should this game is also really hard to play. it is a 3rd person action RPG quite similar to the Skyrim in some way. Players will you have to meet new NPC’s and gather all sorts of items you can use to fight against the demonic creatures and boss battles.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 6

7) World of Warcraft:

World of Warcraft is also known as WOW is another alternative to Skyrim and fantastic MMORPG available right now. The game is solely known for its richest details you will ever see in any game. You can team up with other heroes and fight against biggest villains which make it total enjoyment.

Players will find a vast open world with lots of side quests where you embark on a journey. In other words, this classic is a must try.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 7

8) Dragon’s Dogma:

Dragon’s Dogma is a game that was released on the last generation of consoles and still, this game looks gorgeous and vast. The game is a fantasy open world where you do whatever you want, go any place you like. You can become the best warrior among your tribes. Here the combat system is unique and will give you feeling like playing Skyrim which is a good enough reason to play this classic.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 8

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9) Fallout 4:

Fallout 4 is definitely a game which is an impressive action adventure RPG set in the apocalyptic world. The game offers you profound storytelling, too many side quests, and customization which will keep you for a long time. Just try this masterpiece and see how much it is close to the Skyrim.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 9

10) Lords of the fallen:

Lords of the Fallen is a game about an ancient time where the world is cruel and dangerous, ruled by the evil. it is an action RPG played from the third person perspective. You will get to see cool melee combat system similar to Skyrim series but more advanced in customizing weapons, magic powers and armor.

Top 10 Games like Skyrim 10

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These are the Top 10 Games like Skyrim you can choose them as a perfect alternative and enjoy on your PC, Xbox, and PlayStation systems.

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