Top 10 Games like GTA – Enjoy best alternatives for unlimited fun

while you wait for next installment of GTA series, why not take a different approach and try playing Top 10 Games Like GTA that offers you same open world experience. many of them are quite popular and have a long history of providing the amazing story driven styles that am pretty sure every gamer would definitely want to try to get their hands on.

Who is not familiar with GTA (Grand Theft Auto) franchise? If you haven’t played this series then you don’t have the right to call yourself a true gamer. It is one of the most successful games in the history of games that always set a high bar for other games. The recent entry called GTA 5 was no different who offered even massive open world and plenty of weapons with engaging missions no one can ever forget. If you have played and end the games then you must be craving for playing similar games with this genre.

I know it’s hard to resist the charm of GTA because the gameplay and story are so many profound players can get lost in the world for many hours. We all love fast cars with loaded guns and kill countless policemen on the road. This surely makes us feel truly happy gamer. but the magic of the open world is not only attached to GTA, but there are also other video games which you should give a try that will keep you busy, while you wait for GTA 6 (VI)to drop in next few years.

List of Top 10 Games like GTA:

1) Red Dead Redemption 2:

Red dead redemption 2 is arguably a Next-gen video game that was launched on October 26, 2018. The developer of the game is same who has developed GTA series. But its setting makes it different. This is a cowboy western themed open world game where you get to explore the vast wilderness of the wildlife, fight with gangs, and law enforcement. However the game introduces the concept of honor, your choices will affect various endings.

You can’t simply call it GTA with horses but rather than a complete cinematic experience unlike you ever played or seen. Try checking this one out folks, howdy.

Top 10 Games like GTA 1

2) Mafia 3:

Mafia 3 is another great open world video game similar to GTA series. But it is totally related to Italian mafia. Players will find so many things that make it feel like playing GTA, but its story missions and gameplay is quite different because it is all about revenge. Stealth also plays an important part in the game. If you in for an organized crime then Mafia 3 is a perfect treat to enjoy and have a blast exploring new territories and killing rival enemies with old mafia style. It’s definitely worth playing.

Top 10 Games like GTA 2

3) Watch Dogs 2:

Watchdogs 2 is also a new version of GTA but with advanced gadgets and equipment. You take on the role of a hacker who can hack almost any sort of electronic devices such as, traffic lights, drones, RC cars and many more and each story mission relies on hacking skills. If you are a hardcore GTA fan and love to play but with hacking skills then my friends you will absolutely love it.

Top 10 Games like GTA 3

4) Sleeping Dogs:

Sleeping dogs is one of those well-polished games that truly resemble a lot like GTA. Regarding, open world, weapons, fighting, and cars. However, the game is set in Hong Kong and you play a young policeman whose job is to eradicate criminals from the town. you can also say it is GTA Chinese version but with a more in-depth story and enjoyable fighting system which is much better than GTA and heavily focus on melee combat rather than a gunfight in GTA series. You will find a good time playing this one.

Top 10 Games like GTA 4

5) Saints Row 4:

Saint Row 4 may look and play similar to GTA franchise. But its story is nonsensical and you have to fight with aliens. Players will have a lot of superpowers and weird looking guns. Your job is to save the earth from alien evasions. You can run on higher buildings, tanks, eliminate enemies with your mind. You can say this is a Wacky version of GTA mixed with alien tech that will offer you super fun.

Top 10 Games like GTA 5

6) Yakuza 0:

Yakuza 0 is a brand new action adventure game. It’s like Japanese version GTA series. On the contrary, it also looks similar to sleeping dogs but this game is highly rated and offers one of the best stories from the history of Yakuza. Players get to play two characters and involve around a lot of fighting, you can use objects like doors, sticks, bicycles and many more to take people down. You will find the game very fun and it’s definitely can’t be missed. Hop into some Yakuza action.

Top 10 Games like GTA 6

7) Just cause 3:

Just Cause 3 certainly likes GTA but is the story is different. You don’t play a street thug instead play a mercenary who is on a mission to take down the dictator who has greed for power. The game offers the huge open world to explore and offers you a lot of freedom in the air to perform skydiving with a wingsuit and glide through the air. Players will find a countless number of weapons to choose and hijack all sorts of vehicles.

Top 10 Games like GTA 7

8) Payday 2:

Pay Day 2 is an amazing game where so many bank robberies are involved. GTA may have some specific quests related to bank heists but this one is completely on robbing banks. You can play with 4 players and rob banks to earn great rewards and money to upgrade your weapons, character, gear, much more. Also, you will find a perfect gaming experience, so try it right now.

Top 10 Games like GTA 8

9) L.A Noire:

L.A Noire is a unique video game developed by the same company who made GTA series. This is a truly violent game and you play a detective whose job is to find corruption and eliminate it. Unlike GTA, it does not have an open world but still has some similar elements and quests. You have to interrogate suspects to find out the truth. It may look and play a little bit slower compared to GTA, but action still does a fantastic job to give you new kind of spectacular story-based experience.

Top 10 Games like GTA 9

10) Bully:

Bully is a game that certainly does justice to be called as GTA in school. There are so many things to enjoy in Bully. this game may be old but offers compelling story and offers players to take on challenges we all have faced in real ones. The gameplay is quite similar to GTA, but you can use your fists and other weapons to fight, the world is set in a town where you can explore new side quests and engage in fights with other students (bullies). You can visit classes learn new kinds of subjects. its time visit some old school days with this you must play.

Top 10 Games like GTA 10


These are the Top 10 Games like GTA that will offer you unlimited fun and enjoyment. You can play all of them on your PC, Xbox, and PlayStation systems.

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