Top 10 Games like Age of Empires

Does the name of Age of Empire ring any bell to your ear? This is the only game which was most successful and critically acclaimed commercially. The reason is there are still passionate gamers who want to take a break from hack and slash RPG that does not allow the freedom to make their own choice and story but now it is possible. If you happen to look for Top 10 Games like Age of Empires you will enjoy these titles which are capable enough to give you real-time gaming experience made on new ideas with impressive gameplay mechanics.

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For those of you who don’t know that the Age of Empire is a kind of game that is based on RTS (Real-time strategy) concept. The main purpose of the game is to allow you to start from the very beginning, build small towns with limited supplies and resources and with few of the workers. You have to create units, build structures, collect necessary resources, and develop new technologies to make civilization advance in every way possible. Sounds quite fun isn’t it folks.

The RTS genre is just getting started people. Prove your skills how much creative and innovative you can be to build an army, city, towns, and country with limited resources and defend it. The idea of real-time strategy can surely offer a lot of amusement and these games will help you become better in every way.

The game will give you the freedom to explore and make your own strategies of how you want to build an empire. Age of Empire is for all those hardcore fans of RTS genre who want addictive yet innovative gameplay which they can enjoy for hours. These games would definitely steal the spotlight as a better RTS and a remarkable source of entertainment.

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List of Top 10 Games like Age of Empires:

1) Starcraft:

Starcraft is one of the biggest real-time strategy games that have to manage to grab the attention of fans and outshined Age of Empires series. It is a must play a video game. The game is set in far future where humanity is in space and struggling to find in abandon planets. The story of Starcraft is enjoyable and fun as well as gameplay.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 1

2) Warcraft 3:

Warcraft is another amazing big fantasy RTS game that has managed to make a great mark on modern gamers. The series offers quite similarities to Age of empire, but the only difference is that this has engrossed single player story along with multiplayer that offers so many things for players. If you want to experience a unique RTS game then this may prove worthy of your time.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 2

3) Age of Mythology:

Age of mythology is considered a classic RTS game. It is also a spin-off to Age of Empires. The game is set in Atlantis and heavily focuses on Norse, Greek, and Egyptian legends and myths. Your main objective is to build an army and gather resources and conquer the enemies. Players get to decide what they want to become and choose which side they like. It is a perfect alternative to Age of Empires you should not miss.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 3

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4) Banished:

Banished is a shining new title that focuses on city building strategy. The game has top class visuals and could easily be considered a modern version of Age of Empires. Banished allows you to gather and manage resources and take control of some people who want to survive in an isolated community. It is a fun and enjoyable RTS experience with mind-blowing modes. There is also a little bit of combat you will appreciate as well.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 4

5) Rise of Nations:

The Rise of nations is based on RTS but with a different concept from age of empires. Here you are living in different territories and want to get settle with you people and clans. Player’s job is to build city, town, and make new allies to defend their city and civilization. the game will give you access to many advanced weapons and progression system just like in the real modern world. Make your units better and conquer opposing threats more quickly.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 5

6) Anno:

Anno is a game that will make you fall in love with it because It offers a lot of similarities to the Age of empires and take the genre of RTS to a whole new level. Your main goal is to create and expand your army and protect the country from invading threats. You can explore the map, trade, and do a lot of things. This is an online game which you can also play on your Android and IOS devices as well.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 6

7) Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliance:

Command and conquer is a military RTS game that has set the bar for this genre. The game has a single player campaign and engaging storyline players will absolutely enjoy. It also has some MMORPG elements that give players choices to make and shape their own personal story. Your objective is to start from scratch and grow your military base. You will construct building gather essential resources and battle with enemies in order to survive.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 7

8) Etheirum:

Etheirum is one of those ambitious RTS games that has managed to become quite popular among hardcore fans. The game is set is Sci-fi world where your story revolves around three major empires, players need to fight them and take what you need. You can play both single and multiplayer modes. The gameplay mechanics are simple and intuitive. Unlike many other RTS based games, Etheirum focuses on base building elements and aims player in the right direction to gain control over other regions.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 8

9) Empire:

Empire is an online multiplayer RTS game that allows players to start from the ground up to Build Empire with a small beginning and turn into an indestructible fort. As you get ready to demolish your enemies in battles. Your goal is quite the same in Age of Empire, construct your castles and fight with opposing rivals. Trade with players and create alliances. This is one of those few games you will enjoy for a long time.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 9

10) Age of Wonders 3:

Age of Wonders 3 is something that offers you a mixed combination of RPG and RTS. This game is quite unique and considered best to give payers a lot of fun. it is set in a fantasy world, where the player takes full control of their kingdom and interact with other neighbor kingdoms. Engage in wars and lead your kingdom to victories. The main thing in the age of wonders 3 its story drive campaign that your players will definitely give a thumbs up because each time you play it offers a different take on the story with different endings.

Top 10 Games like Age of Empires 10

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These are Top 10 Games like Age of Empires that will satisfy your appetite for enjoying better RTS games and allows you to become a more skillful player and make mind sharp. try them and find out how much they are fun and entertainment from other genres.

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