Top 10 Games like Dragon Age – Try these amazing RPG adventures

There are many role-playing games come and go but not many of them leave a mark as a dragon age series has done. It is a game where you can get a well-written story, open world, fantasy, addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and multiple endings makes dragon age one of the best and successful games in recent years. If you happen to finish all the parts of it, and looking for Top 10 Games like Dragon Age then allows us to point you in the right direction where you hunger for playing epic RPGs will meet with equal expectations.

Dragon Age is a kind of game that offers a different experience every time you play it with something new and interesting. With the different decision, you will have a different outcome. But this it still makes the overall experience fresh and alive so players can’t get bored. If you are a fan of dragon age and want to see play similar games like this then you are already at the right place my friends.

Game Like Dragon Age:

For this particular reason, we have listed real facts about Top 10 Games like Dragon Age which you will find even better to fill your need for dragon slaying or give you mind-blowing story with crazy fun.

1) Divinity: original sin:

Divinity: original sin is an epic action-adventure RPG game that has similar elements like dragon age. Players will find some of the best boss battles and memorable playable cast. You have to hunt down mythical beasts and creatures and explore hidden secrets of dark magic. The game has fantastic graphics and a compelling story. This one you simply can’t miss.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 1

2) Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning:

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is definitely the perfect RPG game like dragon age and deserves the top spot in the genre of role-playing games. It is a third-person RPG that offers the best storylines and gameplay is quite unique and experimental but relatable to dragon age. Combat is solid and responsive. Your choices will shape the story. It is a game you must get your hands on quickly.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 2

3) Two worlds:

Two worlds may release back in 2010 but still, it was a hit and regarded as classic RPG games ever made. It offers you dark fantasy with a massive open world to embark on side quests or just stay on the main story. The world is alive and responsive to the players. The best thing this game is that you can choose as many characters as you want and level up your stats. I strongly recommend you to check out this one.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 3

4) Mass Effect 3:

Many of you will be surprised to see that Mass Effect is like a sci-fi game like dragon age. The game is set in space and played in third person perspective. Mass Effect series received critical acclaim from many critics for its strong story, character development, beautiful graphics and various paths. It definitely works checking out that is filled with hundreds of hours to enjoy.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 4

5) Fable 3:

Fable 3 is another game like dragon age that has RPG elements and a larger world to explore. Players will find tons of side activities and forming an alliance to fight with great evil. The world of the fable is impressive and each environment is spectacular. gameplay mechanics are easy to learn and addictive. You will find yourself bound to it for a long time.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 5

6) Skyrim:

Skyrim is definitely 10 out of 10 RPG that offers countless hours. The game plays a lot like dragon age and offers one of the biggest open worlds ever made. It is popular with NPCs, unique back stories, and much more for players to discover. This epic adventure offers you something that you will forget real world and sucked into this vast and unbelievable world for sure. Try this to find out.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 6

7) Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag:

It’s time for you meet Assassins creed 4 black flag, it is a game that took the series to a whole new level and expanded its fantasy world. Many gamers call it the greatest pirate game ever made. AC black flag offers outstanding combat and dynamic exploration. It is set in the Caribbean as the player’s struggles to become pirate and uncover new treasures all over the world.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 7

8) Risen 3:

Risen 3 is a game that offers new and incredible environments combined with RPG elements. The world is gorgeous and has a lot of similarity like dragon age. It is set on an island where you get the freedom to explore in villages and beaches, ability to use magic and enhanced combat. this is a must try game if you are a hardcore fan of RPG adventures.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 8

9) Ryse: Son of Rome:

Ryse: Son of Rome is a thrilling journey set in an alternate universe of Rome. The game may be different from dragon age but still gameplay style, character customization are same. It offers a strong story and truly shines with its graphics with beautiful environments. The combat is deep and you can do a lot with its mechanics. This game is well worth of your time folks.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 9

10) Gothic:

Gothic is a huge open world that offers RPG elements like dragon age. The world is yours to explore and make your own decision, choose a side and enjoy killing monsters, animals, and creatures. Players can use countless spells and many weapons to fight. It is a game that should not skip and play to enjoy its magnificent environments and engaging story.

Top 10 Games like Dragon Age 10


These are the Top 10 Games like Dragon Age you should play and get entertained. you can play them on PC, Xbox and PlayStation systems.

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