Top 10 games Like Dark Souls – Play better alternatives in 2019

Some players who like less combat and loves story would probably get bored and for that, you can check out Top 10 games Like Dark Souls that are quite entertaining and considered better alternatives to keep you busy. Who doesn’t like to play games that push players to the limit and test their skills as a gamer? There is a reason why Dark Souls series is still highly successful and toughest role-playing game ever made.

I am pretty sure there are many players out there who are familiar with Dark Souls series which is an action RPG game and also the most difficult and to play. This is the only game that will make you scream, curse and even it will take you to a point you will have to break the controller because of its challenging gameplay.

It is played by from third-person perspective that gives you two modes, single and multiplayer. The main thing of the game is to travel unknown areas and encounter dangerous creatures and defeat them. Players will have a larger selection of weapons to choose from to defeat those demons, but the hardest part comes to understand how each creature attacks.

Some might even attack in three swings and some with other combinations, so you have to be careful and know when and how to dodge because each boss you encounter has its own unique peculiarities.

List of Top 10 games Like Dark Souls:

1) Nioh:

The team behind the Ninja Gaiden series has brought you their own version of Japanese Dark Souls. You will be playing a samurai and wander around to travel all over Japan to fight all sorts of supernatural dark entities and warriors. The game sticks to sword fight with hack and slash style. Players can summon guardian spirits to get some advantage in battle. This game will definitely give you Dark Souls vibes.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 1

2) Bloodborne:

Bloodborne is another toughest game you can play, it is an action RPG, but this is a relatively new game to launch on PS4 as exclusive. From visuals point the look a lot like Dark Souls series but the setting is pretty gloomy and dark. Players have to battle all kinds of mythical creatures, and bosses that are so much hard to beat. As the game progresses the combat gets a lot harder and you will definitely get killed a countless number of times. players can choose their own class and select each hunter that suits your personality.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 2

3) Demon’s Souls:

Demon’s Souls is a game that is quite similar to the Dark Souls. The concept of the game revolves around gathering souls after killing demons and uses these souls to buy new weapons and increase stats. The player can choose their own class of heroes from knights, thieves, and barbarians and customize their appearances. The game s filled with dangerous creatures and bosses. However, the game’s difficulty changes depending on how you play so better pick the fight wisely.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 3

4) Necropolis:

Necropolis is another good alternative of Dark Souls. It is played by 3rd person perspective. Players can choose to play alone or with three other players. The game is set in a dungeon that means the layout changes all the time. You need to survive by looting, crafting, and upgrades all your equipment. You’ll definitely die many times and each death puts you back from where you started. Visually the game may look cartoony but still, this is a must play.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 4

5) The Surge:

The surge is another action RPG game where Dark souls offer a dark setting in some sort of fantasy or medieval era, this game offers the opposite direction. it is set in catastrophic events occurred that knocks you out and you wake up armed with an exoskeleton suit in some kind of destroyed area. Players will battle artificial intelligence robots with heavy grade weapons. you will have to loot the sliced parts of enemies and craft armours and weapons.

It is a futuristic version of Dark Souls where you have to fight with robots instead of supernatural demons and monsters.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 5

6) Salt and sanctuary:

Salt and sanctuary is a 2D action RPG game. This game may not set in high-resolution 3D graphics but the overall tone still feels like Dark Souls. The game is set in a haunting island filled with too many dangerous demons and beasts. You may feel a bit odd play in 3D but you will die most of the time. You can choose more than 500 weapons, spells, items, and armors to fight enemies. You should check this one out.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 6

7) Hyperlight Drifter:

Hyperlight Drifter is another amazing action RPG game, but there is one thing that makes it different is from a visual standpoint. Basically, it is a 16-bit game but made with newer mechanics that are definitely better and addictive. You control a character that is a drifter and travels to find a cure and fight with plenty of enemies. If you are up for the challenge then give this a shot.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 7

8) Bound by the Flame:

Bound by the flame is an excellent action RPG game similar to Dark Souls. You play as a mercenary who is a flame demon and your role is to defeat all iced enemies and lords. The demons in the game are quite huge and dangerous so choose your different skills and abilities that match your play style.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 8

9) Titan souls:

Titan Souls is an RPG game but it is based on spiritual source and living things. you play as a lone hero who uses bow and arrows to defeat big titans. The game plays from a top view perspective. You can say that the game looks like the shadow of the colossus expect the graphics here are old school. You will be impressed by this one.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 9

10) Ashen:

Ashen is a newly released action RPG game. it offers you challenging combat against boss fights and player have to encounter treacherous and deadly environments. You have to check your stamina and combat bars oftentimes. This game may look and plays different but it is still dark Souls to experience the same encounters with enemies. Players who love hard-hitting action games will absolutely love this one.

Top 10 games Like Dark Souls 10


These are the Top 10 games Like Dark Souls you will enjoy and have plenty of fun. If you like to take on challenging games then I dare you to play them for once and see how much worthy they will prove of your time. play them on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation system.

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