About Us

I’m not going to lie the motivation behind why this site is made was because of the way that other comparable diversion discoverers are head-bangingly awful.

Look I would prefer not to begin this about off on an awful note, similar to a windger… But I believe I need to talk the genuine.

I mean all I needed was a couple of amusements like Call of Duty zombies and what do I get prescribed? Diversions like Minecraft.

I surmise this is the thing that happens when you utilize a bot to pick the diversion.


My names Oli and I’m a multi year-old (refresh: Now 23, how time goes) who recreations consistently… I buckle down and have a couple of amusement writes that enable me to possess a ton of the most recent diversions (at any rate the ones that intrigue to me).

So I chose to put a little information and squandered diversions that I don’t play any longer and use everything to assemble wonderful arrangements of amusements that are really comparative, if worse than the one you recently played.

Furthermore, when I don’t possess the recreations and haven’t played them myself I guarantee to abandon enough data and do what’s needed research so you can settle on an incredible choice for yourself.

For You PC Users

I purchase 98% of my amusements off steam and have improved the situation years, I mean I do dable with Xbox One all over yet right now my heart lies with PC gaming.

Refreshed: I’ve moved to PS4, yet at the same time hit up PC consistently.

What’s more, as of late I discovered a standout amongst the best destinations EVER for steam code bargains… Is it genuine? Truly! Is it legitimate? I have no clue.

Whichever way in the wake of utilizing them and sparing a large portion of the cost on Killing Floor 2 and seeing they have many AAA titles for a large portion of the value I chose to likewise utilize them to advance the least expensive costs on the web.

So not exclusively am I doing comparable diversions I’m additionally going to utilize destinations like the one referenced above to locate the best costs on the web.

Truly damn amazing in the event that I do say so myself.

So in the event that you require any assistance or need any counsel on gaming don’t hesitate to send me in a message. I trust you have a stunning day.